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Shazam, a superhero known for his incredible powers and lightning-fast strength, is also called Captain Marvel. But why this specific title? Let’s discover the interesting story behind this character’s distinct name.

Fawcett Comics first introduced Captain Marvel in 1939. He had awesome abilities and gained a dedicated following. But soon after, DC Comics argued Captain Marvel was a copycat of Superman.

In the 1970s, DC got the right to publish stories about Captain Marvel. However, Marvel Comics owned the trademark of that name. So, to prevent more issues, DC decided to call him Shazam – the magical word Billy Batson says to become Captain Marvel.

Shazam is now a well-known member of the Justice League. Nevertheless, some fans still call him Captain Marvel due to their fond memories of his early adventures. This nickname proves his legacy and appeals to both old and new fans.

So, there it is – the exciting explanation for why Shazam is also called Captain Marvel. Despite its changes and legal conflicts, this hero has established his place in pop culture history with his thrilling exploits and continuous popularity.

Brief History of Shazam and Captain Marvel

The iconic superhero Shazam, also known as Captain Marvel, has a long history stretching back to 1939. He was created by artist C.C. Beck and writer Bill Parker for Fawcett Comics. His powers? The wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury.

He was a hit with readers due to his striking costume and special abilities. But, Fawcett Comics had to stop publishing him after a legal issue with DC Comics over similarities to Superman.

In 1972, DC Comics acquired Fawcett’s rights. But due to trademark issues with Captain Marvel at Marvel Comics, they began using the name Shazam instead.

Many people still call him Captain Marvel due to his original name and legacy. To clear up the confusion, DC published a comic book miniseries, The Trials of Shazam!, in 2006. It showed Freddy Freeman taking on the mantle as Earth’s Mightiest Mortal while Billy Batson lost his powers.

So, that’s the story of Shazam and Captain Marvel. Names may change but superheroes remain timeless symbols of strength and heroism.

The Name Change

Shazam – once known as Captain Marvel – changed his name due to copyright issues. This move allowed him to stay away from any legal trouble and gave him a unique identity in the DC Universe.

This rebranding let Shazam embrace his origins more honestly. He could become an individual hero with his own abilities and stories.

Captain Marvel first came out in 1940 by Fawcett Publications. But in 1967, Marvel Comics introduced their own Captain Marvel. This is why DC Comics changed the hero’s name to Shazam in 1972.

It’s amazing how one name switch can change a character so much! Shazam not only got rid of possible problems but he also got a more complex backstory.

Shazam’s Origins and Powers

Shazam, also known as Captain Marvel, has an amazing beginning and an array of awesome powers! Let’s learn about Shazam’s origins and the extraordinary abilities that make him one of the DC Universe’s most legendary superheroes.

To understand Shazam’s roots, we must get to know his other self, Billy Batson. When young Billy says the magical word “Shazam,” he becomes an adult superhero with incredible powers. These powers are given to him by ancient mythological figures, each symbolized by a letter in the name “Shazam.”

Here’s an overview of Shazam’s amazing powers:

  1. Wisdom – Solomon gives Shazam more brains and smarter strategies.
  2. Strength – Hercules gives him superhuman strength, so he can beat even the toughest adversaries.
  3. Stamina – Atlas gives Shazam limitless energy and strength.
  4. Power – Zeus gives him control over lightning and electricity.
  5. Courage – Achilles makes him unharmed by physical attacks.
  6. Speed – Mercury makes him crazy fast, so he can dodge any attack.

These superpowers make Shazam an unstoppable hero. With his immense strength and invulnerability, he can face any villain. Plus, his speed helps him protect people in danger.

To maximize the power of Shazam, here are some tips:

  1. Smart Thinking: Help Shazam use his intelligence in fights. He should analyze opponents’ weaknesses and come up with plans to defeat them.
  2. Lightning: Get Shazam to use his lightning manipulation for more than just attacking. He could use it for defense or to find creative solutions.
  3. Speed Training: Help Shazam practice his speed and agility. This will make him even more efficient in combat.

By following these tips, Shazam can access his true power and become an even better hero. With his incredible abilities and inspiring story, it’s no wonder he is beloved all over the world!

Captain Marvel’s Rebranding as Shazam

DC Comics’ rebranding of Captain Marvel to Shazam was strategic. This change occurred in 2012 to differentiate him from the Marvel character. Shazam is also the magical word he speaks to transform into his super-powered form. So, DC chose to use it as his new name to simplify his identity and make him more accessible.

The decision to rebrand wasn’t easy. It was in response to multiple years of legal battles between DC and Marvel over the use of “Captain Marvel”. To make things simpler, DC chose to embrace the popular title associated with their character and pay homage to comic book history.

Interestingly, Shazam existed even before his rebranding. The word stands for wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles, and speed of Mercury – all of which empower him as a superhero.

This transition has been successful for DC Comics. Shazam has gained recognition and kept certain ties to his original identity. This bold move has allowed him to survive in a competitive industry while preserving DC’s commitment to character evolution.

Impact on the Comic Book Industry

The release of Shazam had a huge effect on the comic book biz. Here are the key points:

  • It sparked an upsurge in demand for comic books featuring similar characters.
  • The combo of whimsy and action attracted new readers, widening the fan base.
  • It opened up merchandise and licensing opportunities, making money for publishers and creators.
  • It encouraged publishers to try out daring storytelling, creating diverse narratives.
  • It made way for more cross-overs and collaborations between comic book universes.
  • It’s still felt today with movies, TV shows and video games keeping the industry thriving.

Also, Shazam’s original origin story had to change due to legal issues. But it still made its mark on comic book history.

C.C. Beck and Bill Parker created Shazam in 1939, first naming it Captain Thunder. But Fawcett Comics changed it to Captain Marvel, hoping to cash in on Superman’s fame. This made Shazam one of the first widely-recognised superhero comics from the Golden Age.

The impact of Shazam being called Captain Marvel can’t be overstated. It made the genre popular again, bringing fans and creative new stories. Even with legal troubles, Shazam remains a beloved and iconic character.


The reasoning behind why Shazam became Captain Marvel has been revealed. DC Comics had to rebrand the character to avoid copyright issues.

Character names are so important in the comic world. When DC got the rights to Captain Marvel in 1972, they had a problem. Marvel already had a character called Captain Marvel, which led to legal worries and potential confusion.

So, DC changed the name to Shazam. This was after the magic word young Billy Batson said to change into a superhero. This separated him from Marvel’s Captain Marvel, and gave him an easier-to-remember name.

Fans had different reactions to this. Some were sad to lose the name, while others liked the fresh start. In the end, Shazam became a popular DC superhero.

Interestingly, Marvel eventually trademarked “Captain Marvel” for their own character. But, DC’s decision to stay with Shazam worked out well. It gave their hero an identity without any legal troubles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Shazam called Captain Marvel?

A: Shazam is called Captain Marvel because it was the character’s original name when he was created in 1939. However, due to copyright issues, DC Comics eventually had to change the character’s name to Shazam.

Q: Is Shazam part of Marvel or DC Comics?

A: Shazam is part of DC Comics. While the character originally shared the name Captain Marvel with a character from Marvel Comics, he is now solely associated with DC Comics.

Q: Who created Captain Marvel?

A: Captain Marvel (Shazam) was created by writer Bill Parker and artist C.C. Beck. The character made his first appearance in Whiz Comics #2, published by Fawcett Publications.

Q: What are Captain Marvel’s powers?

A: Captain Marvel/Shazam possesses the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury. When he says the word “Shazam,” he transforms into a superhero with these amazing powers.

Q: Why did DC Comics have to change Captain Marvel’s name?

A: DC Comics had to change Captain Marvel’s name due to legal disputes with Marvel Comics. Marvel had introduced their own character called Captain Marvel, and DC Comics decided it was best to avoid confusion by changing the name to Shazam.

Q: Is Shazam more powerful than Superman?

A: In terms of raw strength, Shazam is often portrayed as being on par with Superman. However, their powers differ. Shazam derives his powers from magic, while Superman’s powers come from his Kryptonian physiology.

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