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Marvel Comics has long been the kind of company that honors its fans’ requests in a number of fun and interesting ways. Back in 1977, the company tried something new by releasing a series titled What If…? with each issue focusing one or more stories related to their previously published titles. Instead of Spider-Man getting rejected from the Fantastic Four in The Amazing Spider-Man #1, why not see What If… Spider-Man JOINED The Fantastic Four?

Titles like that explored how the Marvel Universe might have turned out differently if just one thing was altered from how it actually played out. Each comic essentially created what would become Marvel’s Multiverse in that each issue was basically a separate universe depicting a slight change (or sometimes a wild change) from what happened in Marvel’s prime universe, otherwise known as Earth-616. Some of the stories were so successful and beloved, parts of a few found their way into canon eventually.

What If…? has been a popular series for Marvel Comics for decades, and it’s even going to be made into a new animated TV show for Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+. That’s going to hit the platform within the first year of release, but before that happens, why not take a look at the many What If…? titles Marvel has published over the years and rank up your absolute favorite to see which one rises to be the best of them all!

What if Professor X and Magneto formed the X-Men together?
Chris Claremont
February 2005

What if Peter Parker became the Punisher?
Carl Potts
October 2019

What if the Venom symbiote had managed to control Deadpool?
Rick Remender
April 2011

What if Captain America had not vanished during World War II?
Don Glut, Roy Thomas
October 1977

What if Gwen Stacy had lived?
Tony Isabella
December 1980

What if the Avengers had fought Galactus?
Jim Valentino
September 1992

What if Spider-Man had kept his cosmic powers?
Glen Herdling
November 1991

What if Aunt May had died instead of Uncle Ben?
Ed Brubaker
February 2005

What if Iron Man lost the Civil War?
Ed Brubaker
February 2008

What if Spider-Man had married the Black Cat?
Danny Fingeroth
January 1991

What if Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s child had survived?
Tom DeFalco
February 1998

What if Venom had possessed the Punisher?
December 1992

What if Mystique had raised Nightcrawler?
Bill Rosemann
June 1997

What if the Ghost Rider, Spider-Woman and Captain Marvel were villains?
Steven Grant
October 1979

What if Captain America had awoken in a dystopian America?
Bill Rosemann
December 1997

What if Captain America had led an army of supersoldiers in World War II?
George Caragonne
August 1991

What if Thor had assumed the throne Of Asgard?
Tom DeFalco
April 1998

What if Spider-Man had joined the Fantastic Four?
Roy Thomas
February 1977

What if the Scarlet Witch had said ‘No More Powers’ instead of ‘No More Mutants’?
Brian Reed, Jim McCann
February 2009

What if Wolverine and Sabretooth were best friends?
Chris Giarrusso
September 1997

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