‘Thor’ Fan Theories That Wield More Power Than Mjolnir


Across three standalone films and multiple appearances in other projects like The Avengers and Doctor Strange, Thor and his Asgardian comrades have made a thunderous mark on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a result, some truly amazing fan theories have emerged. Some Marvel enthusiasts believe there’s a deeper reason as to why Captain America is able to wield Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, while others think Ant-Man might be just as worthy. If you’re more interested in Thor’s other mythological weapon, Stormbreaker, you might be interested to learn that some fans think it wasn’t meant to be used by Thor at all. And then there are theories that are just downright strange, like the idea that Thor might be in the process of becoming Santa Claus! (To be honest, we’re curious to see how that one would play out.) These are the best Thor fan theories we could find.

The History Of Odin And Asgard

From Redditor /u/bubonis:

Years and years ago, Odin learned about the Infinity Stones through his father, Bor, who was responsible for taking the Reality Stone from the Dark Elves. After his death and Odin’s subsequent rise to power, he (with Hela at his side) began conquering all the realms in order to locate and claim the Stones. Odin found the Space Stone first and this allowed Odin and his armies to travel between realms and conquer them very quickly.

Mjolnir Is Thor’s Power Dampener

From Redditor /u/brownpanter_333:

1.Thor is at his most powerful in Infinity War where he overpowers even the Infinity Gauntlet and nearly kills Thanos. He doesn’t have Mjolnir then. Instead he uses Stormbreaker.
2.Thor is more powerful in Thor 3 than 1&2. The only difference being he no longer wields Mjolnir.
3.In Endgame he again wields Mjolnir and he becomes nerfed. Now his loss in power may be due to his sedentary lifestyle however it should mainly affect his agility and reflexes. His physical strength while decreased should still be somewhere near the same level as before.While that is debatable what is certain is that his lightning powers should be nearly as strong as it was during Thor 3 and Infinity War. However he hardly uses lightning and what little he uses does not seem to be as effective as before. He is completely outmatched by Thanos without any Infinity Stones. 4.Captain America while wielding Mjolnir shows incredible strength and furthermore even lightning attacks.So where did this power come from?

This is my Theory- Mjolnir is actually a power dampener which stores Thor’s power within itself.

1. Odin knew that his incredibly powerful son still hadn’t acquired much wisdom and was brash and irresponsible.He couldn’t trust his son to handle all that power responsibly. He already had failed to guide his daughter onto the right path. He had to take drastic measures. So he tasked the dwarfs with creating a power dampener disguised as a weapon. He always intended Stormbreaker to be the true weapon for Thor. Mjolnir was merely to be his weapon during his training wheels phase. However millenia passed and Thor remained brash and so Stormbreaker remained uncrafted. Finally Odin decided to teach him humility and used Mjolnir’s power draining and storing ability to strip Thor of his powers and store it in Mjolnir. This way whoever could lift the hammer would receive the strength of Thor from the hammer.
2.When Hela destroys Mjolnir, Thor’s power is returned to him.
3. In Endgame he again wields Mjolnir and it slowly drains his power and that is why he is so weak. Meanwhile Captain America on wielding it receives his power from Mjolnir. Maybe Thor finally understood it as well which is why he insisted Captain America wield Mjolnir.

Mjolnir’s Interesting Flight Path

From Redditor /u/whenijusthavetopost:

Mjolnir can round corners in Thor: the Dark World. In Ragnarok, Thor let it smash through the walls of the NY Sanctum because Strange kept teleporting him.

How Loki Changed Odin Forever

From Redditor /u/Denommus:

Hela says that Odin was a conqueror, an emperor, but “suddenly” decided to become a pacifist.

With no further context, Odin’s change of heart could seem sudden or even forced. But we did get more context on the first Thor movie.

The real reason Odin changed was… Loki.

When he found the baby abandoned in the battlefield, he finally learned the consequences of his acts. It’s very likely that Thor was already born as well, so he empathized with the baby because he had his own baby. So, he thought about how many babies must have died because of his conquests, and from that point on decided to stop.

So, in a certain way, Loki might have saved the Marvel Universe from Odin and Hela.

Why Captain American Can Wield Mjolnir

From Redditor /u/MDuncan1182:

The reason Captain America is able to wield Mjolnir now is because he is worthy. This seems like a duh, but it’s not so simple.

In Age of Ultron we see that he is able to move the hammer because for a moment the hammer senses all the good that Cap is but then it notices his one fault…

Later in the movie Scarlett Witch gives all of the Avengers nightmares and they see their worst fears realised. Cap’s worst fear is that there will be no more fight. No more war.

THIS is the exact reason Odin took Mjolnir from Thor and placed the spell on it. “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” Remember that Thor had a strong desire for combat regardless of the consequences. He was unable to see how to resolve conflicts without violence. This seemingly makes someone unworthy.

Loki Dies On Purpose

From Redditor /u/hockeytalkie:

He knows exactly what he’s doing.

TL;DR: Loki is going to Valhalla to consult with Odin/other dead Asgardians, and dying in “battle” with Thanos was the only way to get there.

Disclaimer: I’ve seen a lot of theories as to why Loki dies so easily at the start of the Infinity War, including many that assert he dies on purpose. I give full credit to those other theorists for inspiring this theory, but I think this one ties all the evidence together in a way that makes the most sense.

Loki Sacrifices Himself To Save Thor

From Redditor /u/GeneraIKenoA:

When I watched Infinity War the first time, that scene bothered me. Loki just watched Thanos absolutely body Thor and Hulk, and yet he thinks he can just stab Thanos in the throat and kill him? It’s absurd, and Loki’s supposed to be a fairly smart, conniving character. He’s capable of thorough illusions, and teleportation magic per Thor: Ragnarok. There’s no reason to do such a stupid and useless assassination scheme. Even if Loki does kill Thanos, Thanos’ Children will just immediately kill him and Thor, and even reformed Loki’s still only really concerned about his family, not the wider galaxy as a whole.

But Loki’s worked with Thanos before. He’d know about Thanos’ rule of killing half the population. Loki might be reasoning that if he forces Thanos to kill him, Thanos would feel obligated to leave the only other royal Asgardian alive.

Why Thor Calls Rocket ‘Rabbit’

From Redditor /u/__themaninblack__:

On mobile, formatting, all that.

In my latest MCU binge, I was wondering why no one ever corrected Thor calling Rocket “rabbit.” Probably the characters from outer space don’t know what a raccoon is. Likely ROCKET doesn’t even know what a raccoon is. But Quill is from earth, and we’ve seen him call Rocket a trash panda, a well known nickname for raccoons. He probably didn’t correct Thor because Rocket was undermining his authority as captain, and maybe even got some satisfaction seeing Rocket insulted.

But what about Thor? He’s been to Earth, presumably early enough to be in 7th century Norse mythology. Surely he’d have known about such a common Earth animal, right? I did some googling and it turns out, raccoons didn’t actually get to Europe until German fur traders brought them over in the 1930s. So even in his Norse travels, Thor would never have encountered a raccoon. He probably doesn’t even mean it in a derogatory way, a rabbit is just the closest animal to a raccoon he’s aware of.

Ragnorok’s Director Had More Freedom

From Redditor /u/delitomatoes:

A common complaint from directors are that Marvel is very restrictive about the IP which led to Edgar Wright and Scott Derikson leaving Ant-Man and Dr Strange 2.

Hemsworth was also at that point tired of ‘serious’ Thor.

So I theorise that for non flagship (i.e not Iron Man or Cap) characters they allowed some freedom to the directors. In the case of the supposedly final Thor movie they let a comedy director take over and change the tone of the character completely.

Might also explain why the first Dr Strange was allowed to be so trippy and why Captain Marvel was so generic

That may mean that the more creative movies in the future will come from C or D list characters. Squirrel Girl please.

Stormbreaker Was Made To Stop Thor

From Redditor /u/JKaro:

Not talking about the comics, just strictly the MCU. (So no Beta Ray Bill stans please)

Stormbreaker was a weapon forged for Thor, but not for Thor to wield per se. It was made to handle Thor. Odin knew what had happened with Hela, and the similarities to pre-Thor 1 movie Thor and Hela were quite similar.

Vain, warmonger-ish, and conquerors. Odin saw the parallels and knew what he had to do. If Thor ever got out of hand, Odin would have the perfect tool to combat Thor. Not kill him, but break him with a weapon more powerful than Mjolnir.

An axe made to break the storm.

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