Small But Interesting ‘X-Men’ Details You Might Have Missed


The X-Men universe has become big and bold in the last twenty years, with a wide array of characters, plots, and mulitple timelines. But how could we ever forget the one that started it all? X-Men was one of our first forays into the marvel movie universe, as we now know. It gave us not only complex villians that mirrored the injustice that we still see even today, but flawed heroes that we were excited to believe in.

A few passionate fans found some interesting details on their last rewatch. Did you spot any of these small X-Men details? Vote up for favorites below!

Neither Patrick Stewart Or Ian McKellen Knew How To Play Chess

From u/TooShiftyForYou

Neither Sir Patrick Stewart nor Sir Ian McKellen knew how to play chess during the filming of X-Men.

Patrick Stewart: Yes, Bryan Singer [Director] set up a scene where Ian and I were playing chess. He said, “Ok, why don’t you all just make some moves.” I said, “Well, I don’t know how to play.” He said, “Ian?” Sir Ian said he didn’t know how to play either. Brian rolled his eyes and said, “Get someone on the set. We just need to believe that they are making the right moves.”

The next day we arrive on the set and yep, there’s someone there who knows chess. A Canadian Grandmaster. I told him, you are so overqualified for this job. He said, (whispering) “I’ve never been on a set before.” And he stayed all day.

The Actor Who Played Beast In The Animated Series Makes A Cameo

From u/TheRavenSG-1

In X-Men, the truck driver that gave Rogue a ride is George Buza – better know as the voice of Beast in X-Men: The Animated Series.

Wolverine’s Blood Is Drawn Using A Tube Known For The Heavy Metals Panel

From u/Rev_Kevin

In the first X-Men movie, a very specific tube is going to be used to draw Wolverine’s blood. It’s a dark blue tube used only for the “heavy metals” panel. I spent 7 years working in a hospital chemistry lab, the dark blue type tube is only used for testing for trace amounts of metal in the blood. Nice detail for a man with a metal skeleton.

The Way Xavier And Magneto Play Chess Mirrors Their Overall Strategies

From u/UYScutiPuffJr

In X-Men, the ways that Xavier and Magneto play chess at the end of the film mirrors their overall strategies. Magneto (clear pieces) is willing to sacrifice his pawns for the sake of the game, while Xavier (frosted pieces) uses and protects them as much as possible.

When Wolverine Extends His Claws A Ripple Can Be Seen Beneath The Skin

From u/InteriorEmotion

In X-Men, when Wolverine extends/retracts his claws, a ripple on his hand/arm can be seen, indicating the movement underneath his skin.

The Actor Playing Toad Gave A Nod To His Role In ‘Star Wars’

From u/coldmilk2

In X-Men, Ray Park (as Toad) pays homage to his character Darth Maul from Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace (1999).

Hugh Jackman Is Much Taller Than Wolverine

From u/tamayimpala

TIL that Hugh Jackman, at 1.90 (6ft3in), stands 30cm taller than Wolverine, portrayed in the comic as 1.60 (5ft3in). When they made X-Men, the filmmakers were forced to shoot Jackman at unusual angles or from the waist up to make him appear shorter, and his co-stars, particularly James Marsden, wore platform soles.

Wolverine’s Adamantium Skeleton Is Hinted At In His First Appearance

From u/javelinRL

In X-Men, when Wolverine first appears, his punches are accompanied by metallic sounds – emphasizing the raw power of the blows and hinting of his hidden Adamantium skeleton and claws.

Stan Lee’s First Cameo Was In X-Men

From u/-amortentia-

Spotted Stan Lee as the hot dog vendor on the beach in X-Men. This was Stan’s first cameo in a theatrical adapation of a Marvel comic, as he previously cameoed in a tv movie for The Trail of the Incredible Hulk.

A Metallic Sound Effect Is Used In The Fight Between Wolverine And Mystique

From u/ZoesWorld

In X-Men, during the Wolverine/Mystique fight, Mystique kicks Wolverine below the belt and a metallic ping sound is made.

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