15 Fan Theories About Thor That Are Wild Enough To Be True


The MCU is one of the biggest franchises in cinematic history. With over twenty films under its belt, countless interesting characters, and so much source material to pull from, it’s no question as to why. But what about all the things left unsaid? All the characters and plot points we’re still scratching our heads about? That’s where fan theories come in, and when it comes to the MCU, there happen to be a lot of them. We managed to round up some of the most interesting fan theories surrounding our favorite God of Thunder.

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Thor Is Petty

Mjolnir can actually round corners in Thor: the Dark World. In Ragnarok Thor let it smash through the walls of the New York Sanctum because Dr. Strange kept teleporting him. Just a god’s microaggression.

To add to this, if Mjolnir went in a straight line to him, it would have been almost instantaneous since its in the same building as him. Instead, you hear it crashing through a bunch of stuff. That means Thor not only let it hit stuff on its way to him, he made it swing around the building wildly before making its way to his hand.

Odin Was Holding Back Thor’s Electricity

Before someone says it, yes, I am well aware that Odin explains to Thor that his power was always his and his hammer was simply a tool to control it. But there still remains a question – why did Thor only begin conjuring electricity out of his body in Ragnarok? He had a major role in four MCU installments by then you’d think he would have shown signs of that earlier. While the obvious and most likely the correct answer to that was that the writers didn’t have the foresight to think six years in advance, this minor detail can be explained via Odin himself or, rather, Odin’s life force. Thor only begins to emit small bursts of electricity IMMEDIATELY after Odin’s death. That leads me to believe Odin’s life force was not only keeping Hela at bay but was also a container for Thor’s true power.

Mjolnir Is Actually Thor’s Power Dampener

TL;DR: Mjolnir is actually a power dampener which stores Thor’s power within itself.

Odin knew that his incredibly powerful son still hadn’t acquired much wisdom and was brash and irresponsible. He couldn’t trust his son to handle all that power responsibly. He already had failed to guide his daughter onto the right path. He had to take drastic measures.So he tasked the dwarfs with creating a power dampener disguised as a weapon. He always intended Stormbreaker to be the true weapon for Thor. Mjolnir was merely to be his weapon during his training wheels phase. However millenia passed and Thor remained brash and so Stormbreaker remained uncrafted. Finally Odin decided to teach him humility and used Mjolnir’s power draining and storing ability to strip Thor of his powers and store it in Mjolnir. This way whoever could lift the hammer would receive the strength of Thor from the hammer.

Stormbreaker Was Made For Thor

Stormbreaker was a weapon forged for Thor, but not for Thor to wield per se. It was made to handle Thor. Odin knew what had happened with Hela, and the similarities to pre-Thor 1 movie Thor and Hela were quite similar. Vain, warmonger-ish, and conquerors. Odin saw the parallels and knew what he had to do. If Thor ever got out of hand, Odin would have the perfect tool to combat Thor. Not kill him, but break him with a weapon more powerful than Mjolnir. An axe made to break the storm.

Why Thor Calls Rocket “Rabbit”

Why no one ever corrected Thor calling Rocket “rabbit.” Probably the characters from outer space don’t know what a raccoon is. Likely Rocket doesn’t even know what a raccoon is. But Quill is from earth, and we’ve seen him call Rocket a trash panda, a well known nickname for raccoons. He probably didn’t correct Thor because Rocket was undermining his authority as captain, and maybe even got some satisfaction seeing Rocket insulted. But what about Thor? He’s been to Earth, presumably early enough to be in 7th century Norse mythology. Surely he’d have known about such a common Earth animal, right? I did some googling and it turns out, raccoons didn’t actually get to Europe until German fur traders brought them over in the 1930s. So even in his Norse travels, Thor would never have encountered a raccoon. He probably doesn’t even mean it in a derogatory way, a rabbit is just the closest animal to a raccoon he’s aware of.

Thor Wanted To Do The Snap To Bring His Mother Back

I think the reason why Thor in particular volunteered to do the snap was a matter of pride over having failed to kill Thanos before the snap. However, I think on some level Thor also wanted the gauntlet over the others because he was going to use it to disregard the rules of time and bring his mother back and probably Natasha. Tony realized that Thor wasn’t mentally ready to do the snap but also knew Thor would do more than the snap. Anything more than the reversal of the snap could had jeopardized the existence of his daughter. This is indicated by Tony explicitly telling Banner to only use the gauntlet for the reversal of the snap and nothing else.

Thor Looks Like The Odd Sibling Out Because Of Odin

TL;DR: Loki looks like Hela because when Odin changed Loki’s Jotun form to an Aesir form as an infant Odin was thinking of his imprisoned eldest child, Hela. Which is why Thor is the only child to look like him.

Space Vampires Exist And Thor Has Fought Them

Tl;dr: Korg’s movie reference indicates vampires are known across space and history in the MCU and aren’t just native to Earth.

Firstly, Korg is not from Earth and knows nothing about Earth or its culture. Korg mentions them casually, which means he assumes Thor knows about vampires. Korg doesn’t know about Asgard, which means he just assumes people know what vampires are no matter where in the universe they’re from. Secondly, Thor doesn’t really react to the comment, but he does hear it and acknowledge it. This means Thor did indeed know what vampires were and wasn’t surprised that Korg also knew.

Hela And The Loss Of Mjolnir Are The Last Trials That Prepare Thor To Be King

Odin is tough on his eldest son because he knows the weight of leadership that his death will place on Thor’s shoulders. This is why he designs one last trial for Thor to pass before he takes his place as the king of Asgard. Without the coming of Hela, the loss of his hammer, and the destruction of his homeworld, he wouldn’t have learned the lessons he needed to save the people of Asgard and eventually defeat help Thanos.

Thor’s Power Was Being Siphoned During Endgame

In short, when Captain America gets stronger from Mjolnir, it’s making Thor even weaker. That’s why they still couldn’t beat Thanos, because ultimately there was no change in the combined strength of the heroes.

Thor Sounds More Casual Because The Audience Is Getting Better At Understanding Him

Part of the reason Thor sounds more “casual” in the newer movies is that we as an audience is getting better at understanding him. Before Ragnarok, Thor has had a old-timey Shakespearean way of talking, that has since gone away in favor of a more casual and fun dialect. This has been explained away by directors as Thor picking up on Tony’s mannerisms, but this makes little sense since Hemsworth’s brand of charisma is quite different than Downey’s, and there was no real gradient between AOU Thor and Ragnarok Thor. I propose that Allspeak, the language Asgardians speak, sounds Shakespearean to English speakers on earth. But as we “learn” it through exposure, Asgardians sound less Shakespearean and more like us. Thus Thor’s personality becomes more apparent to us, which also somewhat explains his personality change.

Thor Needs A Reason To Break Loki Out Of Jail So Loki Gives Him One

TL;DR — Thor needs reasons to break Loki out of jail, and he doesn’t quite fully trust Loki. So, in order for Loki to fully convince Thor that he’s worth breaking out, Loki puts on the illusion that he’s broken, humbled, and pitiful. Loki’s illusion is not the clean, put-together Loki.

Odin Force Is Turning Thor Into Santa

TLDR: Thor is becoming Santa due to Odin Force.

Thor has Odin’s magic, it is transforming him into Santa. Thor doesn’t care or even really notice because he is depressed. In some myths, Odin used to come to earth an act as Santa. His eight legged horse was a possible source for the eight reindeer. So if Odin was Santa, I figured it was his magic that allowed him to transform into Santa.

Thor’s New Eye Makes It Difficult To Aim

Thor did actually aim for Thanos’ head, but his new eye made it difficult to aim properly. I think his new eye played a factor in his aim.

The Real Reason Thor Decides To Forge A New Weapon Is To Control His Power

TL;DR: In the battle that ensues after Thanos attacks the ship carrying the Asgardians to Earth at the end of Thor: Ragnarok, Thor goes out of control and accidentally murders some of the Asgardians with his lightning, after which Heimdall and the remaining group start to distrust him. Hence why Thor decides to set off to find a way to control his powers.

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