Fan Theories About Deadpool That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense


Deadpool came skipping onto the screen, and into our hearts, years ago and never left. Our favorite merc with a mouth showed us that superhero action movies don’t have to be so serious all the time. One of fandoms’ favorite things to do is come up with fan theories, and when it comes to the X-Men there are definitely a lot of them. We managed to round up some of the most interesting fan theories surrounding our favorite mutants.

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Deadpool Wrote His Own Movie

The opening scene alone pretty well alludes to this being the case with a wonderfully hilarious intro (even including one of 2 nods to Rob Liefelf) taking stabs at everyone involved in making the movie thus far. Other signs of this being the case include:

Ryan Reynolds staring in it. The only person currently that can prove what Deadpool looked like before the Weapon X treatment is Deadpool. Deadpool is the only person that said he looked like Reynolds.
the bullets literally having the numbers remaining on them.
He has full control of the movie pacing but unlike in the comics only interacts with the viewers (in the comics he will interact with the editors/artists as well – and they with him). He also takes stabs at the “studio” for not being able to get more X-Men involved.
Colossus is f*cking enormous, much more so than he has been perceived in other movies. This could very well play to Deadpool’s ego, since Colossus kicked his a** (or just sort of stand around while Deadpool hilariously kicks his own a** on Colossus). Deadpool will admit he gets beat up but he’s going to have to play that up a bit
Colossus also almost begging Deadpool to join the X-Men is pure fantasy in Deadpool’s mind. While he’s been on all sorts of teams, no one begs him to join.
While Deadpool is renowned as being quite the fighter and martial artist, I think some of the fight scenes push the limits just to make Deadpool look cool and maybe remembered a bit differently than actual events. I’m not suggesting he didn’t win all of those fights, just that there was some pizzazz that I think he added.
And finally, Deadpool gets the girl. Deadpool’s story is much more tragic than all that. While he’s been married a dozen times, he doesn’t really “get the girl, “at least not like that. I’m probably pointing something that is pretty obvious to Deadpool fans but my friends missed the possibility of this being the case so thought I’d share. Regardless, f*cking great movie.

The X-Men’s Continuity Is Constantly Changing Because Of Kitty And Deadpool

TL;DR The universe needs certain events to happen or have the same effects on history in order to stay at peace, hints why the X-Men continuity is constantly changing.

The timeline is muddled and features characters looking different and being younger or older in places where they shouldn’t be. Sometimes they’re even undone and brought back to life (like why is Jean alive in DOFP yet she dies in Dark Phoenix?) My theory? In Days of Future Past, it’s confirmed that Kitty has been sending people back into the past multiple times to avoid death and such. Not only that, Deadpool has been using Cable’s watch as shown at the end of DP2.

What if, because of all the time travel from all these different points in time and different areas, the timeline was always changing and therefore couldn’t stay consistent.

Think of it as a the butterfly effect, where one small change in human history has a MASSIVE effect for the future.

The Villain Ajax Was In Love With Wade ‘Deadpool’ Wilson

tl;dr: This is the story of Ajax’s unrequited love for Deadpool, which drove him to do insane and unimaginable things to win the affection of the man he desired. And that story, I think, is a wonderfully warped and twisted love story, undeniably worthy of a place in the Deadpool universe.

On the surface, Deadpool is the story of Wade Wilson. A troubled mercenary who was diagnosed with cancer, left his girlfriend, underwent an experimental mutation treatment, and then had to fight to get her back. Don’t get me wrong, I love Deadpool. I think it’s a fantastic movie. But, at face value, the plot is SUPER flimsy. The characters and their choices make no sense. Why doesn’t Wade just go back to Vanessa after getting cured? Is he really that shallow? Does he think she’s that shallow? Why is Ajax fighting Deadpool at all? He knows Deadpool is basically immortal. What is his plan even, when Deadpool arrives with TWO superheroes? At the very end, when Ajax’s henchmen are all dead or unconscious, and he has the chance to escape in a big explosion, he instead decides to attack Deadpool barehanded! What possible motivation could he have?

Deadpool Was Always A Mutant

TLDR: Before becoming Deadpool, Wade Wilson was a mutant with the power of super dexterity, and he underwent a secondary mutation to become Deadpool.

Watching the Deadpool movie again it occurs to me that while the healing factor allowed Deadpool to exceed the combat abilities of normal humans it doesn’t fully explain his capabilities on its own.

No amount of regeneration would enable wade to accomplish feats like lining up a side flipping triple headshot, jumping off a three level overpass to land perfectly in the sunroof of a moving vehicle, throw a sword into the wheel of a moving motorcycle while jumping, throw a sword to puncture that oxygen chamber without hurting Vanessa, shoot a grenade out of a man’s hand, or rack up a perfect score on skeeball.

Francis said that the treatment would activate any dormant mutant genes lurking is his DNA, but I don’t think he had any. He had a subtle, but active mutation. That’s why the usual methods of mutating subjects didn’t work on him until they went to the final hail Mary play of the oxygen chamber, which combined with the serum (which I imagine acts to destabilize your DNA) induced a secondary mutation.

Deadpool Would’ve Found Francis Sooner Had He Used ‘Ajax’

Deadpool couldn’t find Francis sooner because he keeps asking “Where’s Francis?! Where’s Francis?! ” when everyone only knows him as “Ajax.” A lot people must have been seriously confused before dying. Also… Why where did he get that many leads on Francis? The Agent Smith guy should have been his first and (probably) only lead.

It seems to me that Deadpool is prepared to go to unbelievable lengths just to d*ck about. He could grab one guy, beat the location out of him and then go straight to Francis…. but where’s the fun in that? Not when he could play games with Francis by picking off his henchmen, and creating a ripple of rumour that there’s this invincible masked nutjob on the loose and he’s looking for him. At the end of the day… Wade is a bit of a nobhead. His priorities are skewed. HIs need for revenge outweighed his desire to try and be with the woman he appears to love. And when trying to justify why… it’s because he’s not attractive anymore. Nothing to do with the trauma, or upending his life. Its not that much of a stretch to think he had a more peculiar agenda.

Deadpool Has A Practical Reason To Spew Obscenities Constantly

Deadpool has a practical reason to spew obscenities constantly and that’s because he’s in a state of constant pain. True, his superpowers allow him to regenerate quickly from practically any injury, but he’s not immune to the pain that comes with each wound. And maybe the process of accelerated tissue growth is painful as well. Now, the interesting thing about pain it’s that there are random things that can help alleviate it: Eating, listening to music… and swearing. Seriously, there’s a study that backs up the theory. In some incarnations of the character Wade Wilson had a potty mouth before becoming Deadpool, but at the time he might have done that just for sh*ts and giggles. After the experiment that gave him his powers, he started doing it as a way to cope with the constant pain that he feels.

Deadpool From ‘X-Men: Origins’ Is A Clone

So obviously the connection here is Wade Wilson. I think the events that happen early in the movie (special ops with Wolverine and Wade) happened with the original Wade Wilson that we see in Deadpool. However, the mutant we see at the end of the X-Men Origins is a clone of Wade’s and not actually him. They sew his mouth shut because the cloning process didn’t go quite right and the clone would just jabber constantly and incoherently. Actual Wade Wilson was never subjected to those experiments because he had quit the merc business by then to hang out in NY.

Origin Of Deadpool’s Healing Factor

In the comics Wade specifically is not a mutant, he’s born human and has the mutant healing factor derived from Wolverine grafted onto his genes; because he wasn’t born with his powers this makes him a mutate. It’s a point of humour in the comics that Deadpool claims he’s a mutant and a member of the X-Men when he really isn’t, so saying that his mutant gene is ‘dormant’ in the movie doesn’t sound right, especially when the writers have such a wealth of knowledge about the character.

Ajax injects Wade with an orange serum in the Workshop and then says he needs to put the patients through huge stresses to activate any ‘dormant mutant genes’. Here’s the theory, I’m assuming that the serum injected into Wade’s system on his ‘first day of superhero camp’ was the healing factor. Perhaps it was derived from old, decommissioned Weapon X facilities that might have housed Wolverine, although neither Wolverine nor the Weapon X program is mentioned by Ajax or his recruiter.

If this theory is anything to go on, it means that Deadpool isn’t a man with dormant mutant genes and he is instead a mutate, just like in the comics. I like to think that it adds another layer of depravity to Ajax and Angel, especially since this theory strongly implies that they’re able to choose which mutations to induce depending on the needs of their buyers.

Wade’s Powers Are Fading

This was just a thought that popped into my head after watching Deadpool 2. According to the comics, Wade’s healing factor also gives him a super metabolism. That’s why he is able to eat that giant mountain of pancakes in Deadpool Vol. 2 #16, and in the Deadpool game, after chugging copious amounts of beer, DP says there’s no point. But in the movie after Vanessa dies, Wade is able to get drunk at the bar and the cocaine in Blind Al’s obviously has an effect on him so is his healing factor starting to fade? Or maybe the super metabolism aspect of his powers just not there in the movies.

Deadpool Takes Place In A Universe Where Every Other X-Men Movie Is A Movie There Too

tl; dr: If you traveled to the Deadpool movie universe, you could watch the X-Men movies there as well.

Every X-Men movie that has been made is a movie in the universe where Deadpool takes place. Notice the difference in tone of Deadpool and the X men franchise. Deadpool has a very dark comedic feel to it, while X Men has always had an idealistic feel to it. Deadpool seems more grounded in its plot and ending (SPOILER: Wade doesn’t get his face fixed) while in X Men, the heroes always get a somewhat happy ending which borders on being unrealistic at times. X Men also tends to drum into one’s head the theme that mutants should be accepted, while Deadpool portrays them as very violent destructive individuals who don’t always have the interest of others at heart (case in point; Deadpool) which seems to show that X Men is a movie franchise catered to viewers.

So how did these movies come about? It’s possible that Xavier’s institute is behind the making of the X men movies, which would explains why the mutants are portrayed in a favourable light as well as the similarities in the building where Xavier’s mansion is located. Filming may have even taken place at the mansion itself. The movies were created in response to anti mutant stigma, due to mutants being used as assassins, to show others that mutants are better than that. This would explain why Colossus is always preaching to Deadpool about becoming a hero; he was indoctrinated with that philosophy by the Professor; that mutants can be heroes.

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