The Worst X-Men Members Ever


Marvel Comics’ X-Men is easily one of the most powerful superhero groups in comics thanks to the inclusion of numerous Omega-Level Mutants, and many other incredibly powerful characters. With the likes of Jean Grey, Professor-X, Cyclops, Wolverine, Emma Frost, and even Magneto at some point in the comics or movies, the team has had just about every heavy-hitter who carried the Mutant Gene.

Despite featuring some seriously powerful folks, the team has had the odd weak member from time to time. While these characters aren’t necessarily weak in the ‘compared to regular human’ sense, their odd or borderline pointless mutant powers make them considerably weaker than the team’s top tier members. That being said, several of the X-Men’s former members are certainly some of the weakest Mutants to feature an “X” on their chest, and while they may not be lame, weak, bad, or terrible, they simply don’t hold a candle to the more powerful X-Men.

Check out these characters below and don’t forget to vote up the one you think is the worst X-Man ever. And keep in mind that since Marvel lumps its Mutants into a single population, other Mutant teams are included in this list as well.

Bailey Hoskins

Bailey Hoskins, or sometimes, X-Ceptional, has been a member of just about every Mutant team the Marvel Universe has to offer. He’s been on X-Factor, the New Mutants, X-Force, and Beta Flight, but despite being on so many teams, he’s considered to be the “Worst. X-Man. Ever.”

To be fair, that’s the title he got when he sat at the “Worst X-Men ever table” at a banquet, but that’s beside the point. Bailey has the unfortunate superpower of being able to detonate himself. Once. That’s right, he’s a human bomb who can only blow himself up once, and that’s it. This has relegated him to being little more than a human working alongside Mutants whenever he’s around his teammates.


There are tons of superheroes who can fly, and many who resemble birds, but there’s only one guy who resembles birds, but can’t fly. Unfortunately for Beak, he’s a rather unattractive bird-person who can barely take flight at all to the point of it hardly being worth mentioning.

Functionally, he’s a sad character who ends up in the remedial class, but he eventually gets the chance to spread his rather puny wings to take the role of hero, though he’s little more than an example of how a bad mutation can really make things… bad.


Hector Rendoza, otherwise known as Wraith, possesses one of the worst superpowers imaginable: he can turn his skin invisible. That’s not to say he can become completely invisible because his skin is see-through. No, he simply makes his skin completely transparent. That’s great if he needs to be checked out by a physician and doesn’t want to get X-Rays, but other than that, there’s not a ton of utility in being partially see-through.

Wraith did extend his invisibility field once to confuse Magneto in a fight, but for the most part, all he manages to do is gross people out by being a walking, talking muscle-covered skeleton with hair atop his head. He might have been able to work on his abilities to become completely invisible one day, but thanks to M-Day, he was cured of his mutation and has to live out his days with normal, opaque skin.


You know how Mister Fantastic can stretch his whole body to become all sorts of useful things and is great in a fight? He’s miles ahead of Skin, who has the ability to manipulate his grey skin, of which he has in excess. Skin has a good six feet of extra… skin, which he uses to throw at people.

This isn’t to say his skin is otherwise special in any way; it isn’t bulletproof, and it can’t resist fire or anything. It’s just a big glob of extra epidermis he chucks about. When he’s standing around, he looks like a guy with WAY too much skin, but he can sometimes shore it up for a little bit, but that’s about the limit of his particular mutation.

El Guapo

If you thought it was kind of silly for a silver guy to scoot around the cosmos on a skateboard, you must not have heard about Robbie Rodriguez, aka, El Guapo! Rodriguez has the ability to commune/coexist with a super-powered flying skateboard, but the relationship between the two is chaotic at best.

The skateboard has beaten El Guapo up once or twice, and if the two are separated for any period of time, Rodriquez’s health begins to deteriorate. Eventually, El Guapo lost his legs in an explosion, and the skateboard stepped in to replace them. This was all a part of Mike Allred’s X-Statix series, which consisted entirely of strange and wacky characters with El Guapo being one of the weirdest of the bunch.


You know what’s a real cool trick at parties, but not the greatest superpower a person can have? No, it’s not burping the alphabet; it’s the ability to completely alter the appearance of your skin to display any pattern or design you want! Imagine being able to have a tattoo and change it whenever you want to!

Sure, it’s a neat trick, but it doesn’t go very far in the superhero category of impressive abilities. Granted, Tattoo can make her skin into a camouflage pattern to blend in with her surroundings, and she can phase her hand through solid objects, but that’s about it. She joined up with the New Warriors after attending Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. While she wasn’t technically a member of the X-Men, she was involved with them for some time and went to the school, which is good enough for this list. On her first outing with the New Warriors, she picked up some of Stilt Man’s old legs and got herself killed.

Gin Genie

Gin Genie gets her name from the simple fact that her powers are derived, in part, from her level of intoxication. She has the ability to generate seismic waves, which can certainly be useful, but she can only use her power when she’s wasted.

The drunker she gets, the more powerful she becomes, but the problem with Gin Genie is the fact that she’s a mean drunk. She’s gotten sloshed on several occasions and directed her seismic waves right back at her own teammates, which make her a rather terrible member of X-Force, to say the least.


Prism is an interesting character with a rather impressive superpower; he can absorb and refract all forms of energy directed his way. Of course, the energy needs to be light-based, because if he’s hit with anything like kinetic energy, he shatters into a million pieces.

That’s exactly what happened in a fight where Cyclops shot him with his optic blasts. He deflected the energy without any problem only to shatter when Jean Grey threw him against a wall. Fortunately, he’s constantly being cloned, but everytime he returns, it isn’t long before he’s smashed once more.


Wing was a Mutant who had the ability to fly, and despite his name, he didn’t sport any wings. He was just a kid who could fly, which was enough to get him onto the Astonishing X-Men for a little while. He was given the Mutant Cure against his will, which took away his abilities, but that didn’t stop Wing!

He went back into the Danger Room to see if he truly lost his abilities and quickly became the first person to die in said room. Yup, the guy took a flying leap off a high point and fell to his death. His death wasn’t necessarily an accident seeing as he knowingly lept to his death, which makes him a truly sad story as well as one of the worst X-Men ever.


Maggott isn’t simply one of the most disturbingly named superheroes to call themselves an X-Man, he also has one of the most disturbing superpowers in all of comics. Maggott gets his name thanks to the fact that two techno-organic worms burst from his body twice every day in order to feed.

The worms, named Eany and Meany, are Maggott’s digestive system, and without them his belly is little more than a concave husk. The worms can eat literally anything, and when they do, the energy is transferred to Maggot who can also psychically learn the history of whatever is ingested. It’s not the prettiest superpower, nor is it the most useful, but at least Maggott makes for an interesting dinner companion.

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