Major Fan Theories About Minor MCU Characters


It’s tough to be a Marvel fan after Endgame. With the MCU on a temporary hold, fans are rehashing the past events of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and coming up with fresh fan theories for the minor characters. These mind-blowing theories about the many minor characters in the MCU, like Luis from Ant-Man and the various Guardians of the Galaxy, are not only plausible but a ton of fun.

Between the massive Marvel movie plot holes and Marvel studios tropes, there is plenty of room for some compelling fan theories. Take a look and vote up the most interesting fan theories below!

M’Baku Became The King Of Wakanda During The Timeskip

From Redditor u/Dreadful_menace:
I had this idea for a quite a while, I noticed that M’Baku was able to run at the same pace with Captain America and Thor and Black Panther during the charge against Thanos’ army. That got me thinking, when T’Challa and Shuri were dusted in Infinity War, who ruled Wakanda during those 5 years?

I think it was M’Baku who took the throne. Black Panther movie established that atleast M’Baku was a match for T’Challa as seen in the waterfall scene for the throne of Wakanda. And in Infinity War, both Cap and T’Challa out-paced their own army against the marauders. He is the most capable person to lead Wakanda in their darkest time. And with the royal line of succession broken he may have taken the throne not out of personal reasons but of necessecity.

Groot May Be A Descendent Of The Ancient Tree In Norse Mythology

From Redditor u/JohnCalvinHobbes:
Somebody mentioned in an earlier thread that Groot might be related to Yggdrasil, the tree in Norse mythology that connects the nine worlds. I think that’s right, and I think there’s a lot of evidence to support it.

It’s important to note when Groot picks up the head of Stormbreaker—a weapon far more powerful than Mjolnir and (presumably) therefore more exclusive in terms of who can wield it. But then Groot goes even further: he chops off his own arm, and his “flesh” immediately binds with it​. In the MCU, Thor travels through the branches of Yggdrasil when he uses the Bifrost (as explained in the first Thor movie). And what is one of the primary powers of Stormbreaker? The ability to use the Bifrost.

So, why is Groot, a tree of unknown age and origin, capable of binding himself to a weapon that harnesses the power of the Bifrost?​ Because Groot is related to—possibly descended from—Yggdrasil.

Drax’s Vision Is Based On Motion And/Or Light

From Redditor u/OrganicDroid:
Drax possibly thinks everyone sees the same way as him, but his vision is based on motion or light. The scene where Drax says he is invisible when not moving or moving very slowly is just the tip of the iceberg.

He says Quill and his father look exactly alike, and when Rocket refutes it saying he’s blue, Drax has a hand motion that says, “yeah, well… see?”

He says Mantis is hideous, which is clearly not true. He likely sees her as a different shape than everyone else due to her antennae, but may not see her other facial features (what if he thinks her antennae are actually her eyes?!).

In the opening scene of GOTG2, Groot stands perfectly still so Drax won’t notice him. Groot may actually be appearing invisible to Drax. This is what I have so far, but the fact of the matter is Drax is an alien that has different, possibly motion-based vision, and he doesn’t know that others see differently. I believe it will be touched on even more in GOTG3.

Odin Posed Hela And The Loss Of Mjolnir As Thor’s Final Trials

From Redditor u/TheMediocreCritic:
Odin designed his enchantments over Mjolnir and Hela to become void after his death. Hela and the loss of the hammer are the last trials that prepare Thor to be King and save his people.

Thanos Purposefully Held Back His Bloodlust On Titan In ‘Infinity War’

From Redditor u/bondoh:
When I first saw the movie, I thought it was weird that Starlord, Drax, and Nebula were able to take such a direct blast from the power stone without dying, especially since the first guardians movie made it clear that this gem can destroy entire planets. Now in fairness Thanos does show he can control the degree of the power and uses it to brush away 3 people on earth without any sign of using the soul stone, however on Titan, right after he snapped out of the hypnosis, he was angrier than at any other point of the movie, and therefore seemed to lose control more than at any other time. Throwing the moon being the pinnacle of that rampage.

But many have pointed out how gentle he was in the second half of the movie, how he seemed to go out of his way to not kill people on Titan or Earth because he wanted the snap to decide. I think having come close to losing the gauntlet he lost control and pushed out a blast from the power gem more than what he meant to. Which is why directly after he drops the two guardians and nebula with the blast from the power stone, it cuts to the shot where Iron Man attacks with a blade. At the very beginning of that shot, in a blink and you’ll miss it moment, you can see that the soul stone is glowing.

And not just a little bit but clearly activated. There’s no other reason for it to be activated at that moment unless it was to keep those 3 alive since they fell so limp it looked like he basically killed them.

Nebula Knew What The Cost Of The Soul Stone Was

From Redditor u/MrMortsnarg:
The Soul Stone requires someone to sacrifice the one they love most, in this case Clint reluctantly sacrificing Natasha. I wouldn’t call those two going there a coincidence. Nebula was the only remaining Avenger that knew how to get the Soul Stone. In the 5 year gap, we see that her and Rocket were in regular contact with Natasha; while Natasha was still trying to find Clint.

My theory, which admittedly isn’t very groundbreaking, is that Nebula suggested that Clint and Natasha fetch the Soul Stone, since she witnessed how close they were. They are two of the perfect candidates to retrieve it.

Why Janet van Dyne Spent 30 Years In The Quantum Realm

From Redditor u/Jalen2612:
So in Ant-Man and The Wasp, we learn that Janet was in the Quantum Realm for 30 whole years and that it was 30 years for everyone as well but then in Endgame, we learn that Scott was in the Quantum Realm for 5 years but for everyone else, it felt like 5 years.

When Scott went into the QR to get the Quantum Healing Particles for Ghost, Janet says to Scott, “Don’t get stuck in a Time Vortex.” There were lots of theories that Scott would go into one of them and come out in the future and then some other stuff would happen but as far as we know, Scott didn’t interact with them. I think that when Janet was in the QR, she interacted with a Time Vortex because she didn’t know anything about the place.

Peter Left Us Clues About Uncle Ben’s Influence

From Redditor u/ScoobyQuinn23:
I have a theory about the MCU Uncle Ben. So far obviously we haven’t seen him we’ve only gotten subtle remarks about him but I think there’s a way Peter always carries Ben with him, through his movie references. My theory is that Uncle Ben was a film nut and he loved sharing his favorite movies with Peter.

All the references Peter has used so far are all from “really old movies” that would’ve come out when Uncle Ben was around 20 based on Aunt May’s age. Sure Peter could’ve seen all those movies on his own especially Star Wars but I’ve met kids from his generation that have never seen Wizard of Oz or Back to the Future let alone Aliens or Ferris Bueller. So all these movies made an impact on a young Uncle Ben (some of which he may have even seen in the theater with Peter’s father) so he showed them to Peter and Peter loved most of them, but not all of them judging by his remarks on Footloose. I think this is also why Homecoming begins with “A Film by Peter Parker,” he filmed it knowing he couldn’t show it to anyone so I think he was making it for Ben.

The Collector Was Meant To Find The Rest Of The Stones For Odin

From Redditor u/ValhallaAtchaBoy:
Why did the Asgardians give such a powerful item to a being who is clearly untrustworthy and a bit unstable? Even if they don’t want to keep it with the Tesseract in the vault at Asgard, surely there’s a safer place somewhere in the Nine Realms they could hide it.

Thor knew what he was doing: The Collector is obsessed with collecting. Once he had one Infinity Stone, he would be obsessively driven to complete his collection. They could watch him from afar and let him do the dirty work of scouring the galaxy, seeking out the stones that were still hidden.

This proved to work in Guardians of the Galaxy, when The Collector contacted Gamora and offered to pay her to bring him the Orb. Without Tivan’s interference, the stone likely would have gone directly to Ronan, the Guardians wouldn’t have a reason to join together, Xandar would be destroyed, and Thanos would have got the Power Stone much earlier.

Korg May Be A Prehistoric Kronan

From Redditor u/theincredibleshaq:
This is a really small theory, but I’ve noticed that Korg looks smaller and less smooth than the other Kronans we’ve seen in the MCU. Korg looks much smaller and rigid than the other Kronans we’ve seen. I believe that this is because the Kronans we’ve seen besides Korg are more evolved than Korg is. Korg may be a very old version of a Kronan, because time progresses faster in Sakaar.

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